Answering the questions: How am I perceived and seen by a neutral third party? Reflection on self-perception v external perceptions: What are the similarities? What are the differences? Where am I at in my life? What have I achieved? What am I still missing? Where do I want t go? What is my vision / my major goal? How can I get there?
Cilly Holle - Snapshot
  • 1. Where do I stand today?

How do I see myself? How am I seen by others? How satisfied am I with myself and my situation? What is going well for me? What makes up my success? Where do my assets lie? Where am I getting stuck and why? What is slowing me down? What is stopping me from being more successful, what is the major correlation? What is the biggest source of irritation? What am I still missing?

  • 2. What do I want to change, and what should stay as it is?

What are the required changes/necessities? What has to change? What would I like to change? What would I like to keep and protect? What can and can’t I change? What should I concentrate on?

  • 3. Where do I want to go?

What is my vision? What is the major goal? What do I wish for? What are the biggest problem-solving drivers? What is important and urgent? What will get me further? How and in what order should I proceed? How will I know it’s working?

One 4-hour consultation is arranged for the Snapshot “Stock-take & Objective”. A fee of 1,500 € plus sales tax and any travel costs / other expenses will be charged.

Contact me directly here and give me 2-3 preferred consultation times anywhere between 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday. I will get in touch with you very soon.
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