Answering the questions: How am I perceived and seen by a neutral third party? Reflection on self-perception v external perceptions: What are the similarities? What are the differences? Where am I at in my life?

High-level Assessment & Sparring

Highlighting the greater context, working out the so-called „big picture“, whittling it down to the actual essence/core of the problem, identifying the source of the problem, finding the cause, recognising patterns, etc.

BLITZ Personality Assessment

Highlighting personal and outstanding strengths, individual areas of development, talents, mechanisms, idiosyncrasies. Comparing self-perception and external perceptions, clarification of the questions:

Full Personality Assessment

An extensive, stringent and highly effective personality analysis incl. identification of needs for development and change, permanently comparing self-perception and external perceptions incl. coaching. Answering the questions: who am I and …

Interaction Analysis

Answering the questions: How do we harmonise? Individual view versus “couple’s view” resp. “team view” versus external view? What is going well for us and what isn’t? How well do we suit one another? What should we  take into account in the interaction …

Executive Check

Honest, critical, forthright and constructive feedback for CEOs, TOP managers and TOP decision-makers. It’s a fact: the thinner the air, the less chance of honest, useful feedback from the people in your immediate environment.

Executive´s Timeout

Short, structured timeout for CEOs, TOP managers and TOP decision-makers, opening up their mind and soul. It’s a fact: the thinner the air, the less room and opportunity there is for open, harmless, facilitative, philosophical, clear thinking …

BLITZ Strategy Assessment

A focused, stringent and highly effective assessment of your corporate strategy incl. identifying weaknesses & loopholes and highlighting the acute need for action in the form of a master plan. Critical assessment and (re)definition:


Your path to a better management team. The following comments may come to mind when thinking of your management team: My management team… “…already existed”, “…has grown over time”, “…was chosen and formed by me”, “…is still new territory for me”.

Education Psycho-physiognomics

Psycho-physiognomics is the teachings of the interplay between mind (=psyche) and body (=physis), which is expressed in the physique and particularly the face of a person. It allows the expert to draw conclusions about a person’s …

Presentation Psycho-physiognomics

I will gladly hold a presentation on “Psycho-physiognomics” as part of an event organised by you, i.e. as a guest speaker. After consulting with you, I will customise the presentation to your specific needs.

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