BLITZ Personality Assessment incl. kick-off-coaching

Highlighting personal and outstanding strengths, individual areas of development, talents, mechanisms, idiosyncrasies. Comparing self-perception and external perceptions, clarification of the questions: Who am I, what constitutes me? What environment is best for me? What job best suits me? What do I need to develop further? Which potentials are still untapped?

What strengthens me? What makes me tick? Where am I getting stuck and why? What is slowing me down? What is stopping me from being more successful? Where is the main correlation? What is the biggest source of irritation? What am I lacking? What do I wish for?


What are the required changes/the necessities? What has to change? What should I concentrate on?


What are the biggest problem-solving drivers? What is important and urgent? What really helps? How and in what order should I proceed? How will I know it’s working?


A full day (8 hours) is arranged for the BLITZ Personality Assessment incl. kick-off-coaching. A fee of 3,000 € plus sales tax and any travel costs / other expenses will be charged.


Contact me directly here and give me 2-3 preferred consultation times. The BLITZ Personality Assessment incl. kick-off-coaching is held as a full-day consultation from 10am-6pm. In exceptional cases, consultations are also arranged on weekends. I will get in touch with you very soon.

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